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Internet projects and WEB - programming

In future, the market will consist of the companies of two types: those who have access to the Internet and those who went out of business.

Bill Gates. «Business the Speed of Thought»

Perhaps, this quotation in the best manner explains why our main activity is the creation, development and support of all kinds of Internet projects.

For you we are ready to develop a web project of any complexity, starting with an online store and finishing with a complicated internet portal using clustered technology.

In our field of interest are big startups and Internet projects, which are characterized by a large number of users, projects that operate on large amounts of data, have complex business logic and interesting architecture.

As far as we create our projects in a complex we are ready to develop a site, prepare unique content for it, carry out SEO and search engine optimization, render services to promote a site on the Internet, help organize promotions and advertising campaigns on the Internet and register a domain name and provide hosting for you.

We help our clients to express themselves on the Internet, to emphasize their uniqueness, attract new customers, partners or investors.

To learn more about us and about what we do please visit QWER. This site is dedicated to our activities in the field of Web, namely the development and promotion of sites and Internet projects.


The methodology of our work


One of our competitive advantages is the desire to constantly improve the quality of software implemented. In our software development process we use methodologies like SCRUM / Agile programming and XP (Extreme Programming).

Detailed information about methodologies can be found on the website QWER dedicated to Internet projects. Here we summarize the key points of these methodologies:

SCRUM / Agile

1. One project - one task producer (Product Owner). This person is responsible for organizing priorities!

2. Product Owner describes the functional features, which are to be implemented, the so-called user stories (user story - the problem described in an understandable way with a specific value from the point of view of the user of the system), in order of their importance in terms of Product Owner. This list is called BackLog list.

3. Software development is divided into portions – sprints, the average term of which is two weeks.

4. Joint sprint planning. Out of a BackLog list Development team and the Product Owner compile a sprint backlog. User stories, if required, can be detailed, and the team gives its assessment of time for each user story! Assessment of the time we do in StoryPoints.

5. Then a Burndown Chart is compiled where X are calendar days and Y - storyPoint. In the chart we take the correction coefficients into account (less than 1), so-called focus factor. Focus Factor helps us to control that the tasks are done according to the schedule.

6. The tasks are posted on a board which consists of three columns ("To be done" "In Progress", "Done"). In the process anyone can "take" the task by writing his name on the task card and shifting it to the “In Progress” column.

7. Every day at a certain time we conduct our Scrum. Scrum - is a five-minute meeting when each team member talks about what he did yesterday, what is going to deal with today, and what are the difficulties to be solved. Every day we put points on the BurnDown chart which shows the amount of actual work performed.

8. At the end of the sprint Demonstration is conducted and we show to the Product Owners our results.

9. After the demonstration we conduct a general meeting to share our thoughts on what can be improved.

10. Then we plan the next sprint.

In our opinion, the most important aspects of XP programming are:

  • Whole team, Onsite customer
  • Pair programming
  • Collective code ownership
  • Frequent Small Releases
  • Test driven development
  • Continuous Integration
  • Design Improvement

Meaningful usage of the above mentioned methodology allows us to say that:

- Our team can handle the development of any Internet project whatever complicated it is!


vipparket #1

sc vipparket #2 vipparket #3 vipparket #4 vipparket #5 vipparket #6

Site of the company Vip parquet. Sale and manufacture of floor coverings premium.

riviera #1

sc riviera #2 riviera #3 riviera #4 riviera #5 riviera #6

Site of the largest in Ukraine shopping and entertainment complex. The largest mall in UA.

orbis #1

sc orbis #2 orbis #3 orbis #4 orbis #5 orbis #6

Orbis - tools for woodworking, milling cutters, saws, knives, planing, milling splicing.

shaparenko #1

sc shaparenko #2 shaparenko #3 shaparenko #4 shaparenko #5 shaparenko #6

Website of Kiev for a professional makeup artist, fashion designer Natalia Shaparenko.

lichnosti #1

sc lichnosti #2 lichnosti #3 lichnosti #4 lichnosti #5 lichnosti #6

Biographical data bank personality. It contains structured data about many people.

profshina #1

sc profshina #2 profshina #3 profshina #4 profshina #5 profshina #6

Profshina - online store. Bus-known European and American brands for cars and trucks.

feli #1

sc feli #2 feli #3 feli #4 feli #5 feli #6

Company FeLi, engaged in providing comfort and luxury apartments for accommodation guests.

odos #1

sc odos #2 odos #3 odos #4 odos #5 odos #6

Dental clinic "ODOS" - a quality service in the field of therapeutic and surgical dentistry.

hansa-flame #1

sc hansa-flame #2 hansa-flame #3 hansa-flame #4 hansa-flame #5 hansa-flame #6

HANSA company provides tools for fast ignition of fire, cleaning products for fireplaces.

shinaprofi #1

sc shinaprofi #2 shinaprofi #3 shinaprofi #4 shinaprofi #5 shinaprofi #6

Online Shop Shinaprofi sells tires and wheels of the worlds elite manufacturers and brands.

elit-parket #1

sc elit-parket #2 elit-parket #3 elit-parket #4 elit-parket #5 elit-parket #6

Elit Parket offers a wide range of wood flooring, solid, slip decking, laminate and parquet.

sazhotrus #1

sc sazhotrus #2 sazhotrus #3 sazhotrus #4 sazhotrus #5 sazhotrus #6

Online Shop Sazhotrus. And the only authorized dealer of Hansa products in Ukraine.

parquet-pol #1

sc parquet-pol #2 parquet-pol #3 parquet-pol #4 parquet-pol #5 parquet-pol #6

Center parquet and laminate in which you can pick up any floor that meets all your needs.

championbet #1

sc championbet #2 championbet #3 championbet #4 championbet #5 championbet #6

Sports betting site ChampionBet. A major project, a powerful system administration.

kunst-ogb #1

sc kunst-ogb #2 kunst-ogb #3 kunst-ogb #4 kunst-ogb #5 kunst-ogb #6

Organization of master classes, concerts and cultural projects with the participation of leading artists.

discount-parkett #1

sc discount-parket #2 discount-parket #3 discount-parket #4 discount-parket #5 discount-parket #6

«Discount-parket» offers discounts on parquet, massive, decking, parquet and laminate.

ecovk #1

sc ecovk #2 ecovk #3 ecovk #4 ecovk #5 ecovk #6

ECOVK - a reliable manufacturer of high quality and environmentally friendly paving slabs.

saycom #1

sc saycom #2 saycom #3 saycom #4 saycom #5 saycom #6

Creation: CryptoPhone, equipment for data protection, portable storage devices.



Scalability and high loads



The problems associated with scalability, as a rule, appear all of a sudden. One day successful and popular projects lose their popularity and people stop visiting such resources.

And in case load scalability has not been preplanned beforehand there might be a lot of work to do in order to maintain the period of the internet applications response properly. Companies, which have not scaled their Internet projects, often bear losses. The point is that popularity and success can destroy your business.

We understand Scalability as an opportunity to handle a growing amount of work in a capable manner without any damages to the system performance. Hopefully our example will make things clearer:

Performance – the speed with which the car can drive on the highway.

Throughput – rate limit and the number of lanes on the highway.

Scalability – how far you can increase the number of cars without slowing down the traffic.

Availability – the percentage of time the highway is opened for traffic.

Typical symptoms of poor scalability are inability of a network to handle increasing loads. This is usually manifested as a decrease in performance: query processing system works slower or there appears a massage that Internet resource is not available or timed out waiting for a response from a web server. What can be done when performance problems still arise, or you initially want to scale your online system? There is no the exact answer. Contact our «Software Development and Internet projects Department». and we will give a detailed audit of your system and give you an accurate peace of advice.

Heavy loads

One of the strategic directions of our activities is the development of highly complex internet projects, fault tolerant systems, that is online resources with a great many visitors and impressive data amount.

The problem is easier to solve when from the very beginning there is an understanding of the boundary conditions under which the system is likely to operate. For example,

  • Expected number of users;
  • The number of simultaneous requests;
  • The volume of information requested.

Unfortunately very often the awareness of the problem associated with heavy loads on the service comes eventually. As a result everything that functioned successfully yesterday "suddenly" starts working slowly or the entire web project becomes unavailable.

In order to deal with the problem of heavy loads we recommend implementing load scalability at the initial stage of a project. To understand what we mean by the term Scalability.

More about our practice in implementing heavy-loaded web projects find QWER.

If you want to get advice or to discuss implementation issues of your Internet project contact our «Software Development and Internet Projects Department»



Imagine a situation: you are going to build a house. Choosing a team to perform all the procedures you will surely pay attention to the tools they use in their work.

In fact, in programming, as well as in architecture, a set of tools used by a master, shows not only his professionalism, but also determines the quality of the future project.

Here is a list of the basic tools that we use in the implementation of on-line projects


PHP — scripting general purpose programming language, used extensively for the development of web applications.


MySQL — free database management system.


Percona XtraDB — one of the storage subsystems in MySQL and MariaDB. Is an offshoot of the standard engine InnoDB. Optimized for environments with high performance.


Symfony offers rapid development and management of web-based applications, you can easily perform routine tasks web programmer.


Doctrine 2.0+. Doctrine - this ORM (Object-relational mapping) for PHP 5.3.0+, which is based on an abstraction layer to access the database (DBAL).


jQuery — library of JavaScript, which focuses on the interaction of JavaScript and HTML.


AJAX — approach to building interactive user interfaces, web applications, secure the "background" data exchange browser from a web server.


Memcached — middleware that implements the service caching data in memory based on the paradigm of the hash table.


GIT - a distributed version control system files.


CruiseControl.NET is a suite of applications, most of which is automated integration server.


Jakarta JMeter — tool for load testing, developed by Apache Jakarta Project.


Java — object-oriented programming language.


SOAP — simple Object Access Protocol, a protocol exchange structured messages in a distributed computing environment.


Ubuntu — operating system based on Debian.


It should be noted that the choice of tools to work with is always made according to logical and practical usage.

In addition, we carefully monitor the general trends of the market of Web projects development.

If, for example, tomorrow we will decide that Microsoft products are more effective in the implementation of on-line projects, nothing will stop us from learning ASP or MSSQL. Moreover, we already have such an experience!



Websites Promotion

Starting your own Internet project you will surely want to make it popular and visited. Unfortunately, there can not be an unambiguous recipe how to bring fame to a project! Indeed, to such monsters as facebook or twitter the popularity and worldwide recognition did not come at once!

We have much experience in sites promotion in the Internet. Website promotion methods can be divided into the following types:

1. Internet advertising

Advertising campaigns and promotions:

  • Planning (selection internet sites);
  • Preparing (preparing of materials);
  • Conducting (operational monitoring);
  • Results analysis (the number of unique visits, CRT, the percentage of conversion and so on).

2. Contextual advertising.

Contextual advertising in Google AdWords and Yandex Direct or Yandex Market in most cases is the most effective.

The essence of this advertising is simple: make a promotional announcement and select a set of keywords. The advertisement starts being demonstrated according to the keywords in the specific context (e.g. the phrase entered in the search box, a text article on the site partner or subject line in your mail client, etc.). Every time a visitor clicks on an ad he is navigated to your site; search engine takes money from your campaign budget each time the client clicks the advertisement.

However, contextual advertising seems to be very simple there are many difficulties associated with the keywords selection, CRT and conversion rates monitoring.

Since we are the official partners of Google and Yandex in Ukraine, we can guarantee quality of your contextual advertising with minimal fees.

3. SEO optimization and the "classical" promotion.

Still the disadvantage of contextual advertising is that you have to pay for each conversion on your site. Even if the visitor is not a potential customer of your service or product, you will still need to pay for the transition to the site.

If your site is in the first position in search results for your selected keyword, there would not be any necessity to pay for each transition. And you would be able to optimize the cost of your Internet advertising.

Ranking the sites order in the search results, the search engine is guided by many factors. We can influence only two of them:

  • Content of the site (content should be optimized for your selected set of keywords (a keyword is a phrase that the user of your products or services can enter in the search bar));
  • Link building (number of sites that link your web page).

Here we should pay attention to many factors: the existence and uniqueness of the meta tags, keywords, and unique content, etc.

Contact our team and we will derive your resource on the first page (TOP10) in the search results for a given set of keywords.

For more details on the promotion methods see our Internet projects and Internet advertising site.

Websites Maintenance

Very often people apply our team with a request to do maintenance of their site. So, what the site maintenance is? Under maintenance, we understand a set of measures for the development of the Internet resource. It is obvious that consumers are interested in "real" web sites. For example, a visitor may not be interested in the goods or services of the company, the site of which has not been updated for months.

Websites Maintenance may include:

  • Assistance in the effective site content. Worthy content in one of the most important factors for search engines in terms of promotion your site on the Internet. Sometimes, we strongly recommend to apply professionals in order to get good texts and articles (specialists in SEO optimization);
  • Minor design changes (adapting to seasons, holidays, etc.);
  • Changes to the program plan (e.g. after a while you may decide that you need authorization through social networks or send comments to news of your site and so on);
  • Monitoring and analyzing site traffic, as well as the results of site indexing by search engines;
  • Proper site indexing by search engines (indexation and attendance analysis is often performed as a part of website promotion).

Since the maintenance of the site can include different procedures it is impossible to predict its approximate cost. In practice, we try to estimate the time required and then state the price.