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Our Team

Projects are performed by people! Current realitiy of software market is the following: no matter how talented, intelligent, hard working a programmer / systems architect / designer / project manager and / or team leader is he unable to create serious and competitive web products alone.

Only thanks to the united efforts of the team, you can produce a unique software product that meets the highest market requirements.

Teamwork of skilled professionals allows efficiently complete a lot of complex tasks in various web-project areas: Subject domain, web design and user interface, system architecture and database development tools, server-side administration, testing, documentation, support and maintenance.

After years of experience:

  • We have successfully realized more than 100 different Internet projects;
  • Among our clients are DTZ, Persons, Riviera, LikoHolding, ChampionBet.
  • We established partnership with Yandex, Names, Mirohost companies.
  • We mastered the tools and technologies like: PHP, MySQL, XSLT, XML/JSON/SOAP, JQuery/Ajax, memcached, percona, CruiseControl, Symfony.
  • We tested and implemented Scrum/Agile/XP methodology.

But the most outstanding achievement of ours is creation the team of devotees whose aim is to implement worthy internet projects: scalable and fault tolerant Internet portals.

If you are implementing a fault-tolerant high-performable Internet project, creating a serious online resource, a popular news site or online store - pay attention to the people you are likely to work with!